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Chico State IABC chapter wins award

By Jennifer Lovelace

Photo of IABC's top dogs

IABC's executive board member for spring semseter 2009. Left to right: Dr. Morris Brown, Shannon Prior, Courtney Pecora, Erica Granados, Samantha Spikula, Melissa Duralia. Not pictured: Jamie Kim

Chico State has always had a reputation for something. What some people fail to notice is the reputation of Chico State’s department of journalism. With a number of awards won over the years, the journalism department has rightfully earned a reputation for excellence.

Chico State’s International Association of Business Communicators chapter recently gave the students and faculty of the journalism department one more reason to be proud of its accomplishments.

The chapter received a chapter management award from IABC acknowledging its efforts to recruit and maintain strong membership during the 2008-2009 academic year. The chapter was recognized for the number of new members, which was the highest in the nation, standing at 35 new members.

“I hope this year we continue to be such a strong chapter,” said Michelle McIntosh, current chapter president.

Janna White, manager of student membership marketing and development, visited Chico State during spring 2009 and gave a presentation to the chapter’s executive board and the general members.

White returned to Chico State to award the chapter for its accomplishments under the leadership of Courtney Pecora, last year’s chapter president.

“I enjoyed meeting all of the students and Dr. Brown, and was impressed by the professionalism and leadership displayed in the chapter,” White said. “I'm looking forward to continuing to work with the chapter and seeing it thrive for years to come.”

Adviser to the program, Dr. Morris Brown, is pleased that IABC felt it was important to recognize the activities of the Chico State chapter.

Brown also said he hopes that membership will continue to grow this year, with the number of proud and hardworking students in the journalism department, this should be no problem.

“CSU, Chico students realize and appreciate the importance of having an affiliation with professional organizations like IABC,” Brown said.

Many alumni who participate in activities such as PR in the Spotlight and PR Hall of Fame were IABC members and it is something they are proud of, Brown said.

IABC is off to another good start this year; the chapter has already hosted a panel of three Chico State alumni. Committee members are hard at work planning events for the rest of the year.

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