Student Work

JOUR 255, Student Web Resumes, Spring 2014

Instructor: Susan Wiesinger

  • Jovanna Garcia Web Resume

    Jonvanna Garcia

  • Claire Martinez Web Resume

    Claire Martinez

  • Jose Olivar Web Resume

    Jose Olivar

  • Christine Zuniga Web Resume

    Christine Zuniga

  • Miranda Young Web Resume

    Miranda Young

  • Diane Gallagher Web Resume

    Diane Gallagher


JOUR 351, Digital Magazine Spread, Spring 2014

Instructor: Debra Johnson

  • Hernandez Farm magazine spread

    Kayla Wilkinson

  • Soul ID magazine spread

    Aleksander Irvin

  • Festival Lookbook magazine spread

    Molly Bailey Andrade

JOUR 353, Photography & Video Documentaries, Spring 2014

Instructor: Aaron Quinn

  • Firefighters putting out a fire

    Emily DuranSpot News Photos of Fire

  • Artist creating a glass sculpture

    Nicole GerspacherLocal Artists

  • Man putting on lipgloss

    Sophia XepoleasA Day in the Life of Mini Merna

JOUR 453, Video Documentaries, Spring 2014

Instructor: Aaron Quinn

  • Human trafficking sign

    Allison Weeks & Annie PaigeHuman Sex Trafficking

  • Spamalot scene

    Veronica HodurSpamalot

  • Athlete petting a dog

    Kasey JudgeKym Crosby | Chico State Athlete

The Orion, Spring 2014

Adviser: Mark Plenke

  • The Orion front page

    The Orion Daily Digital

  • Homeless multimedia feature package

    Multimedia Feature Package

  • ACP Pacemaker

Tehama Group Communications, Fall 2014

Adviser: Debra Johnson

  • Tehama Group Communications front page

    Tehama Group PR

  • Building Bridges

    Building Bridges Newsletter

  • JPR Wired

    J&PR Wired