Student Work

JOUR 255, Student Web Resumes - Spring 2016

Digital Media Literacy & Civic Values
Instructor: Susan Wiesinger
Enid Gonzalez' Web Resume

Enid Gonzalez

Marrion Charissa Cruz's Web Resume

Marrion Charissa Cruz

Nicholas Cecil's Web Resume

Nicholas Cecil

Jacqueline Morales' Web Resume

Jacqueline Morales

Licia Dering's Web Resume

Licia Dering

Yukina Nakao's Web Resume

Yukina Nakao

JOUR 351, Digital Magazine Spread - Spring 2015

Instructor: Debra Johnson
Emily Duran's Magazine Spread

Julie Cogert

Kasey Perez's Magazine Spread

Kasey Perez

JOUR 353, Photography & Video Documentaries - Spring 2015

Instructor: Aaron Quinn

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A woman gazes into the camera with a soulful look on her face

Dylan Wakefield Video Essay: Homelessness in Chico

An image of an old lady kissing her husband on the cheek

Jovanna Garcia: Photoessay

The Orion - Spring 2016

Adviser: Mark Plenke
Undocumented students studying abroad urged to come home

Undocumented Students

Students protest possible tuition hike

Student Protests