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The Orion
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  • Gifts of any amount are appreciated and funds may be designated to help with whatever you find most meaningful about the program. J&PR has three specific funds (linked above), or you may give to the J&PR fund and earmark your contribution for specific purpose, such as scholarships to benefit News or PR students. All donations are tax deductible.

    Donations to J&PR are used to fund:

    A complete Mac Lab refresh (26 iMacs) every three years;

    Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for the Mac Lab each academic year;

    Innovative technologies, such as 360-degree cameras, to put in student hands;

    Internship stipends to help students financially when they accept no-pay or low-paying internships; and, Student travel to conferences and workshops.

    Donations to The Orion are used to fund:

    Purchase of audio, video and digital photo equipment for use by the student staff;

    Orion staff travel to conferences;

    Equipment and supplies needed to run the newsroom; and, Debt retirement.

    Donations to TGC are used to fund:

    TGC student scholarships;

    Pro-bono nonprofit clients;

    Creative staff awards;

    Equipment and supplies needed to run the agency office, such as printers, toner and paper; and, Innovative technologies, such as the recent drone and stabilizer acquisitions.