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Dave Waddell Retires After 15 Years in the Department

By Shannon Jordan

Dave Waddell knows he will have spent exactly 15.5 years working at Chico State when he retires in December 2011. However, he needs a calculator before stating his 39-year marriage to Karen Waddell.

Waddell is a professional in-residence, journalism professor and adviser to the student-newspaper, The Orion.

Becoming a Journalist

Waddell grew up reading newspapers. His father was
a printer for The Fresno Bee, and later his brother also
worked for The Bee.

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Department Seeks Resources for the Diversity Program

By Alia Gray

In a span of five short years,
the number of Latinos in the predominately white news-editorial option of Chico State’s journalism
major has doubled. This increased
their presence to almost a quarter
of the option.

These figures are not merely coincidental.

Spring 2006 marked a turning point in the push for diversity in the Chico State journalism department. After a re-accreditation review, it was suggested that the department engage
in a focused recruitment effort in the nation’s most diverse state, said Dave Waddell....

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