Picture of Susan Brockus Wiesinger Wiesinger

Susan Brockus Wiesinger

Merry-go-round or roller coaster? Do I want things
to be smooth and uneventful?
To be able to step off the ride saying “Well, that
was nice”? Or, do I want to struggle upward, race forward at breakneck speeds, screech to an abrupt halt, and then shakily stand up and say “Damn, THAT was really something”?

Yes. On both counts.

Life needs routine, but life needs to be interesting.

There has been a tremendous amount of
change in the journalism department in the
past six months, and there’s more ahead.

To recap: Bleske retired, Brown retired, Milo
retired, Waddell announced his pending retirement, Nordstrom was elected director of Multicultural and Gender Studies, Brockus and Quinn were tenured, Brockus became Wiesinger, Wiesinger became chair, Bleske and Milo became professors emeriti, the department changed its name, JOUR 130 joined the general education course options,
and I’m sure a few other things of note
transpired along the way.

We’re definitely in roller coaster phase. Is
it interesting? Yes. Is it exhilarating and exhausting? Yes.

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