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"Rooming for Runners" by Alia Gray

Semester: Spring 2011
Class: Magazine Writing

Have you ever seen more than 100 pairs of
shoes in a tree? This short video illustrates
Alia Gray’s neighborhood in Chico. The
assignment was to shoot and edit a one-
minute video that illustrates and capture the
student's neighborhood as a short story.

by Severine Michl

Semester: Spring 2011
Class: Advanced Photojournalism

Travel through Severine Michl’s collection of visual work. Beginning with basic photo editing in January to a great series of videos highlighting the people and programs at Caminar, her work has a clear purpose she archieves with just the right emotion.

"This is How I do It: My Hair"
by Shannon Jordan

Semester: Spring 2011
Class: Magazine Writing

In Dr. Wiesinger's Feature and Magazine Writing course, students were required to
write a "how-to" blog that would give instructions and insight on how to carry out
a task of their choice. Jordan chose to make her "how-to" a video blog demonstrating the process of straightening her hair.

by Kayla Naylor

Semester: Spring 2011
Class: TGC’s site trip to New York City

In spring 2011, Tehama Group
Communications was rebranded and updated with a new, blog, look and website. This video was made to highlight TGC’s site visit program that allows current students the opportunity to visit the workplace of TGC alum for an informational interview.