Photo Slideshow: Day in the Life

Members of The Orion are tabling

Wednesday means the newest edition of The Orion is out. Grab a copy! #PrintIsNotDead.

Students walk into a building

The hustle and bustle of busy students signals the start of class.

Cheryl Croman sits behind her desk in the department office

Cheryl is happy to welcome students into the journalism department office. #TheWriteMajor.

Students in a classroom

Students in Jour 255: Media Literacy & Civic Values, learn about the role of the mass media in their public lives.

Student uses Photoshop to edit her project

The Mac Lab computers allow professors to incorporate technology to enhance learning.

A group of students are meeting around a table

Whether you’re jumping from one client meeting to the next or going through your first draft check with your editors, the TGC Office is always buzzing with energy. #PRDreamTeam.