Student Work

JOUR 255, Student Web Resumes - Spring 2015

Instructor: Susan Wiesinger
Carly Plemons' Web Resume

Carly Plemons

Yoko Mano's Web Resume

Yoko Mano

Maegan Webster's Web Resume

Maegan Webster

Britney Witherspoon's Web Resume

Britney Witherspoon

Bryan Eid's Web Resume

Bryan Eid

Hope Lumbley's Web Resume

Hope Lumbley

JOUR 351, Digital Magazine Spread - Spring 2015

Instructor: Debra Johnson
Emily Duran's Magazine Spread

Emily Duran

Miranda Young's Magazine Spread

Miranda Young

Neelam Kumar's Magazine Spread

Neelam Kumar

JOUR 353, Photography & Video Documentaries - Spring 2015

Instructor: Aaron Quinn

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A pilot's view of a plane cockpit

Elisabeth Holmes
View of a Plane Cockpit

San Mateo youth softball players huddling before a game

Anna Sobrevinas
San Mateo Youth Softball Players

Students conducting a radio show for Chico State’s KCSC Radio

Miranda Young
Chico State’s KCSC Radio

A spot news photo of an accident, with policemen establishing a perimeter

Noah Ben-Eishai
Spot News Photo of Accident

Coaches and players from Chico State tackling each other while playing rugby

Carolyn Pyle
Chico State Coaches and Players

A woman gazes into the camera with a soulful look on her face

Neelam Kumar
Video Essay: Racism and Discrimination

An image of an old lady kissing her husband on the cheek

Elisabeth Holmes
Video Essay: Sycamore Glen Nursing Home

JOUR 498, Digital Media Innovations - Spring 2015

Instructor: Debra Johnson
Aleksander Irvin's Social Media Audit

Aleksander Irvin
Social Media Audit

Jose Olivar's Mixed Martial Arts Blog

Jose Olivar
Mixed Martial Arts Blog

Daena Marissa Iqbal Hakim's Product Mockup

Daena Marissa Iqbal Hakim
Product Mockup

Kate Kelly's Product Mockup

Kate Kelly
Product Mockup

Tara Holliday's Piracy Infographic

Tara Holliday
Infographic: Electronic Piracy

The Orion - Spring 2015

Adviser: Mark Plenke
The Orion's Special Commentary on Marijuana Use

Special Commentary

The Orion's blog post about male survivors of sexual assault

Male Sexual Assault Survivors

The Orion's article about a club president's alleged theft

News: Club President's Alleged Theft

The Orion's article about a rugby championship

Sports: Rugby Championship

The Orion's photo slideshow about Chico Pride

Features: Chico Pride Photo Gallery

The Orion's editorial about gun control

Editorial: Gun Control

Tehama Group Communications - Spring 2015

Adviser: Debra Johnson
Pixel Perfect's Website

Pixel Perfect LED

Building Bridges Website

Building Bridges Diversity Newsletter

Mothers Strong PSA

Mothers Strong PSA