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Former Orion Columnist Bans Sex Ruts with First Book

By Naubil Oropeza

Kourtney Jason has one aspiration in life. “Not to get bored with life and with sex,” she said.

Jason graduated from Chico State in 2007 with a major in journalism news-editorial, and a minor in women’s studies. She recently published “The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares To Do Before You Die,” a book filled with sexual experiences ranging from tame to wild.

Jason first heard of this opportunity when Kelly Reed, a Chico State alumna and former editor at The Orion, reached out to her to write a book on sexy dares.

Reed and Jason had worked together at The Orion, where Jason brought back the idea of a sex column in 2007, which became a must-read. Ulysses Press already had begun planning the concept behind “The Naughty Bucket List” and decided to assign Jason the job.

“It was fun because how often do you get a call saying ‘Do you want to write about sex?’” Jason said. “It was a great time in life.”

“The Naughty Bucket List” was published Aug. 16 by Ulysses Press and has been praised by various book clubs and magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Synthesis. Ecstatic about its arrival, Jason has recently been featured on many radio talk shows, such as Naked Talk Radio and Playboy Radio.

The book hit shelves at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores Aug. 30 and is now also available on Amazon and for Kindle.

It was not only the experience writing for The Orion’s sex column that led her to becoming a first-time author. Jason’s ambitious attitude and social demeanor also brought her to her first post-grad job.

The Orion prepared her to work as an intern at Seventeen Magazine in New York. Jason was in the middle of her finals week when she accepted the offer and had two weeks to make the cross-country move.

Kourtney Jason

Jason took the chance and worked as an intern for five months. She later returned to California, where she wrote for various columns and magazines, such as Twist Magazine, and began freelancing in Sacramento to allow for “leisure in writing.”

Jason’s current position is senior managing editor for Life2PointOh.com, an online magazine targeted at the early 20s demographic. The site focuses on how to be an adult and “conquer the quarter life.”

The idea for this online publication was sparked in March among Seventeen Magazine editors, and Jason was then asked to jump on board. Since then, she has been helping build content online and writing 10-15 articles and features a month.

“It’s fun being involved in something brand new. We have the power being on the ground floor,” Jason said.

Jason stresses the importance of keeping in contact with previous employers and making connections to help guide you to the perfect job.

“Keep in touch with people on your level and make friends with the intern,” Jason said. “Everyone that I have reconnected with from previous jobs has really made this entire process go full-circle.”

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